10 Nov

Iosa Ghini Associates Presents The Stunning ‘Ferrari Factory Store’ In Serravalle Scrivia

The moment you hear the word, ‘Ferrari’, you instinctively visualize high end super cars gleaming in metallic red color and tearing down the road, while inspiring awe in anyone who witnesses this moment. Now, Ferrari aficionados all over the world can rejoice over this latest bit of news to have come from the luxury car icon. Ferrari has now been given an all new outlet to showcase its marvelous creations in the form of Ferrari Factory Store, which is located at Serravalle Scrivia, Italy and has been designed and developed by Iosa Ghini Associates. This magnificent structure is the first ever Ferrari building that houses an entire store and due to its unusual design, this Ferrari Factory Store is immediately visible from the parking area. This store is situated outside McArthur Glen Outlet and to emphasize its elegance as well as importance, the designers have given the Ferrari Factory Store with an overt design

The Ferrari Factory Store in Serravalle Scrivia is spread across 370 square meters and the most striking element of this modern architecture is its large glass gallery, immersing the visitors into the world of Ferrari. The external curved face of the building is devoid of mounting posts and bars, thereby offering an unrestricted view of the inside of the store. The exterior panel features curved glass panels that have been arranged using a frameless anchor system. To ensure that the interior of the store is perfect for the products as well as the visitors, this remarkable Ferrari Factory Store has been incorporated with a state of the art climate control system that operates on the principle of air convection. Furthermore, the naturally driven climate control is also complemented with a forced air system and the exterior glass of the building is covered with special UV protection films and screen prints. The commercial space of store is strategically placed beyond the inviting  gallery and this space is given flexible aluminum slats. The luxury zone inside the store features brushed leather and polished lacquer, while the children’s zone sports has been integrated with a combination of materials used in both commercial as well as the luxury sectors.

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