Experienced Aerospace Professionals Guidance

15 Jan

What should I do after completing Aerospace Engineering?

Raise the questions to right person who can guide you in right path. This may be the right place for you to enlighten your goals. We are experienced Aerospace professionals guiding fresh engineers coming out of the colleges with Zero knowledge about our Research and Development industries across India.

To get job for Aerospace engineers is not an easier compared to engineers from other stream. We are limited in job opportunities. Based on our experience and knowledge I have listed few job profiles in which aerospace engineers can comfortably suit and start their career.

Design engineers (CAD)
Design Analyst (FEA / CFD)
Aerodynamics Engineer
Structural Engineer
Flight Dynamics engineer
Report Writer (Tech pub)
Service Engineer
Maintenance Engineer
Testing Specialist
Automation Specialist
Transmission Engineer

Not but least Lecturer in any private college.

Please note that above all job profiles are related to core Aerospace Engineering and which are available within India. Those we are pursuing or going to pursue or completed Aerospace engineering decide which is future endeavor and plan/concentrate on those subjects with more care.

For example if you are interest in Aerodynamics engineer. You need to start preparing for those interview question right from second year of your course. Decide your projects accordingly, get a good score in the relevant subjects. Keep updating yourself about the recent trends.

Everything needs hard work. That needs right choice of work.

For any queries please leave us the comments.


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